Sheepish bunnies safe

Rabbits seek refuge from the flood in Mosgiel. PICTURE: Ferg Horne

A Mosgiel farmer had a “hilarious surprise” when he braved the storm to check on his stock.
Richard Horne said his father Ferg Horne, 64, was checking stock on his 16ha sheep and beef farm in Riccarton Road on Saturday morning.
A flock of sheep, which had found some higher ground in the flooded paddock, had some “weird black” objects on them.
“He thought that’s a bit strange but he got closer and their was three rabbits sitting on the back of the sheep . . . he was surprised and thought it was hilarious.”
His father had been farming for nearly 40 years and never seen anything like it, he said.
“It’s pretty novel.”
Otago Daily Times

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