Young coders help break world record


Mosgiel’s Code Club has helped smash the world record for the most children coding in one day.
The Moonhack record was established by Code Club Australia last year, but has since gone global and children from 56 countries worked together this year to break the record.
Last year’s Moonhack record of 10,207 was eclipsed this year, when 28,575 coders spent the day programming.
Mosgiel Code Club leader Bernadette Hay said about 15 club coders, aged eight to 18, participated in the record attempt.
During the attempt, club members used a programme called Scratch which allows users to create their own interactive stories, games and animations, and share them with others in the on-line community.
“They used it to make a wee character walk backwards and forwards between the Earth and the moon.
“They programmed it so that when it jumped on Earth, it only did a little jump, and when it jumped on the moon, it moved up slowly and floated back down because of the low gravity.”
Mrs Hay said the programme helped young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively, which were essential skills for life in the 21st century.
The initiative aimed to give young people an opportunity to learn code, and for coding “whizz kids” to flex some coding muscle and engage with their peers.
The Mosgiel club joined other coding clubs in Dunedin in the attempt.
Mrs Hay said the Mosgiel club was delighted to have contributed to the new record.
“It’s awesome. It’s not every day you get to set a new world record.” Otago Daily Times

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