Rudd of fers Trump advice on hard-head Xi


Los Angeles
Chinese President Xi Jinping is a “hard-a” and United States President Donald Trump should use clear, quiet diplomacy instead of tweets in dealing with China on North Korea, former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd says.
Rudd, who just returned to the US from a trip to China, said “the Chinese baseline conclusion” is Trump’s threat of unilateral military action against North Korea was just “one huge bluff”.
China, because of this view, will do only a few things to try to talk North Korea into coming around to a more reasonable posture.
“This guy is a serious hard head,” Rudd, referring to President Xi during an interview on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS on Sunday, said. “He is a serious hard a.
“I mean, this guy has been around for a while and if there is going to be a serious conversation here about the future of the Korean Peninsula it has to be conducted in clear, bottom line, but quiet, terms between one administration and the other.”
Rudd said Trump was unique to past US presidents dating back to 1993 who have dealt with the North Korean regime because he sees a virtue in his own strategic unpredictability.
“At the end of the day if the North Koreans evolve into a fully replete nuclear weapons State with inter-continental ballistic missiles with miniaturised warheads, the Chinese view is, the US will then just have to accept that reality,” Rudd said. “What none of us knows is whether Trump will ultimately accept a position in history which says, ‘I’m the guy and it was on my watch this State finally crossed the threshold of constituting a threat to the US mainland’.”AAP

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