Fiery tragedy revealed in video


Eerie footage from inside the burned-out remains of Grenfell Tower has offered a harrowing first glimpse of the extent of the disaster.
Three short video clips and a handful of still images, released by the Metropolitan Police last evening, show remnants of appliances coated in ash as sunlight pours in through the glass-less windows.
Panoramic footage shows a flat littered with piles of debris, coated in black and grey ash it is one of the few rooms safe enough for specialist crews to access following the blaze, which took hold in the early hours of Wednesday and has claimed at least 58 lives.
Burned objects including baths, ovens, washing machines, and what looks to be an exercise bike, can be made out among the fragments.
A sink unit rests on the ground, with its tap mostly intact. Pipes are exposed at crooked angles, and parts of the walls are completely blackened.
In one clip, as well as household appliances, what looks to be the remains of a bed can be seen, with its springs completely exposed.
The fire appears to have burned through the internal walls of the flat, leaving it as one large room with remains of kitchen appliances at its centre, and remnants of the bathroom in a corner.
Tiles and other fragments have entirely filled the sink and toilet bowl. PA

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