Elvis was massive Star Trek fan


Elvis Presley was such a
big Star Trek fan he named his horse after the sci-fi show, a new documentary reveals.
The King of Rock’n’Roll is also claimed to have once recorded 35 tracks in just five nights, according to The Seven Ages of Elvis, which has been made to mark 40 years since the superstar’s death.
Celeste Yarnall, Presley’s co-star in Live a Little, Love a Little, told the Sky Arts film: “Elvis was a Star Trek fan. He even had a horse named Star Trek.”
The musician’s former bassist Norbert Putnam told the documentary about a prolific recording session in June 1970.
“No one had ever accomplished that much work… and it couldn’t have been done with any other artist. He would learn a song in two or three takes … and Elvis would say, ‘Let’s do it. Come on guys.'”
The documentary features a number of those people close to Presley who have never spoken about him on tv before, including high school friend Blanche Jordan Scott, army buddy Bill Norvell, and session musician Charlie McCoy who played on 10 Elvis albums.

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