Asher Keddie can’t promise more Offspring

Offspring star Asher Keddie is facing the same anxious wait as the hit tv drama’s fans about whether the show will go on.
“Everyone wants to know and I have no idea,” the gold Logie winner said.
Offspring’s last hiatus left fans of the show sulking on the couch for two years at the end of season five because it no longer qualified for Screen Australia funding.
But Offspring was eventually revived when Network Ten and production company Endemol Shine signed on for season six, ensuring another 10 episodes.
And now, after filming wrapped on season seven, the actors and producers are facing the same dilemma. Will the show go on?
“We will all wait and see including me,” Keddie says, adding the conversation about another season is one she and her cast mates are always open to having.
“I don’t close doors, I like them to close naturally.”
Keddie has been playing obstetrician Nina Proudman since she first burst onto the screens in 2010 and says she still finds the show and character “irresistible”.
“It is rare for a series of television to have this kind of longevity and I am so proud of it and really pleased about it,” Keddie said.
“It is irresistible to me and to the other creatives on the show to make because it is still as challenging and as fulfilling as it was in the first and second series.”
Keddie said being part of a long-running show has allowed her to grow alongside her character, making Nina more authentic and relatable.
“I certainly don’t think ‘what would Nina do’ when I am making choices about something in my life,” she jokes.
“But there are some similarities between us.”
The 42-year-old says the last season was particularly challenging.
Nina is balancing her new relationship with Harry (Alexander England) with her family’s need for her support as her siblings Jimmy (Richard Davies) and Billie (Kat Stewart) face relationship breakdowns.
She is also juggling life as a single mum to three-year-old Zoe and a new found professional ambition, which has been reignited after years of loss and fear.
“We really see her in a different place and it was really a different territory for me to explore which I enjoyed,” Keddie said.
“What is most satisfying about getting to season seven is that Nina now gets to experience the pleasure of truly growing up and taking responsibility for her emotional choices.
“She certainly has some challenges but she just is much clearer about what she wants and what she feels able to achieve in life as a mother, as a professional and as a lover.” NZME-AAP