Sheeran says ‘unfortunate looks’ left to God-given music talent

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has made his much-anticipated appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, during which he
admitted he was “an unfortunate looking kid” leading to God granting him his talent.
The 26-year-old Shape of You hitmaker was tickling viewers as he belted out some of his top hits with the Gavin and Stacey star shortly before shoving a whopping 55 Maltesers in his mouth at one time.
As he took the seat in the car, the flame-haired singer admitted the premise of the show baffled him slightly although once he had his guitar out he was tickled by singing his tracks alongside funnyman Corder. In a rare moment of serious-ness, Sheeran admitted he uses his guitar as “an armour” before joking of his youthful looks: “I was so nervous about coming on this show because I couldn’t see what was funny about me singing my songs.
“As soon as I took out my guitar it was funny. As a person I can have conversation and be personable but musically if you stand me there with a microphone (without a guitar) I feel a bit naked but I’ve been glued to this guitar since I was 11.

“It was just a way if it ever feels awkward I just take out my guitar. I was quite an unfortunate looking kid and I feel like God looked down on me and thought you need help.”
Sheeran then showed off his other talent to Corder as the comic said: “I wanna clear something up. There’s a snack in Britain called Maltesers. Is it true you can fit 45 Maltesers in your mouth?” Corder then withdrew a jar of the sweets and they stuffed their faces, although Corder faltered long before Sheeran managed to stuff his eye-popping amount. Atop his many talents, Sheeran discussed his choice not to have a phone, saying: “I’ve had a year of no texts, no calls, just e-mails. You should definitely do it. I don’t have a phone any more. It’s what it would be like for our parents like 30 years ago. I’d wake up and there’d be like 50 messages and no one would say: “Hey how are you?” It would be can you do this, can you lend me this. It was fine at the start and it got really draining so I went travelling and got a real scope on it and made an album I love.”
One of his other anecdotes came in the form of the famous story in which he perilously hit Justin Bieber with a golf club. Corder kicked off the conversation saying: “What I like about you is you like drinking in a dive bar and skanky pubs”.
Sheeran went on: “What I like doing is bringing people who don’t drink in dive bars and skanky pubs to said dive bars and skanky pubs. I was in Tokyo with Justin Bieber, no security nothing just him. We wound up on a golf course and he put the golf ball in his mouth and said go on hit it, and I was thinking: ‘No no please I can’t hit him in the face. I had this driving wedge and I cracked him across the face. It was cool surprisingly. He was like oh bro then just got on with it.”

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