Supplement producer warned


The producer of a supplements brand has been warned over labelling its products as ‘pharmacy strength’.
The Commerce Commission has issued the warning to Endeavour Consumer Health Ltd (Endeavour) over its Red Seal supplement range for using the term in product labelling and promotional material.
The commission accepted that the pharmacy strength range was generally of a higher complexity than the standard supplement range, but none of the products had enough quantities of any regulated substance to warrant a pharmacy-only designation.
The term pharmacy strength would likely mislead consumers about the effectiveness of these products, commissioner Anna Rawlings said.
“(The term) may indicate that the range is endorsed or approved for sale in pharmacies, when it is not,” she said.
“It’s important for traders to consider how their marketing claims will be perceived by reasonable consumers and to ensure that they can back up their marketing claims.”
Endeavour has agreed to change the way it markets the pharmacy strength range. NZN

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