Customers’ most annoying coffee habits


Brian Beckwith has worked at Starbucks for over a year and while he does love his job, he gets annoyed by customers doing things they may not even realise are frustrating.
Beckwith says he wants to help “spare baristas some grief” by revealing to coffee customers their most irritating behaviours.
Here is what to avoid if you want to keep your local barista on side:
Don’t tip coffee into the bin.
Beckwith says a lot of customers tip hot drinks in to the bin, a move that makes for a huge clean up job.
“The trash bags are already disgusting when we get around to changing them, and dumping liquid in them just makes it worse,” he said.
Talking on your phone or texting. Not only is it incredibly rude to be on your phone while placing your order, Beckwith says it also makes it harder because customers are not able to concentrate on listening to the questions baristas are asking them.
He suggests keeping off your phone when placing your order, to make sure you get the coffee you want.
Pick your size wisely.
Beckwith says when placing an order, “probably about a third of all customers” do not specify the size they want. If you do not know the name of the size, it is better at least say big or small, he advises.
Baristas are not mind readers. Many people expect their barista to know what they want, even if they do not say it. Beckwith has heard time and again customers say things like “I didn’t want cream” or “I wanted that iced”, but never actually making these requests when placing their orders.
It is better to give more information than needed at the start, in order to make things easier for yourself and your barista.
As Beckwith puts it: “We are baristas, not psychics.”
New Zealand Herald

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