Mid-air turbulence leaves 10 injured


Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
An American Airlines flight landed after experiencing “severe turbulence” shortly before landing, sending 10 people to the hospital for their injuries.
Three passengers and seven of the airline’s crew members were taken to a local hospital after a shaky flight from Greece to Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon.
Flight 759 encountered “severe turbulence” just before touching down at Philadelphia International Airport.
Flight attendants had just finished handing out drinks before the plane lurched, causing drinks to go flying and people to slam into the ceiling, according to reports.
Passengers described the event as terrifying and one claims a flight attendant dislocated his shoulder.
Passenger Ian Smith retold the events of the flight to ABC 6, and said the plane was 30 minutes out when it suddenly fell through the sky.
He said: “Thirty minutes out. They were giving us our drinks. The flight attendants were in the last couple rows when they said, ‘Fasten your seat belts.’
“Then they said for the flight attendants to get to their seats, and they didn’t even have time. It started shaking, then it took a big drop. Babies screaming, people in front of us hitting the ceiling.” AP

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