Safety message hits the road


A large new safety truck with pop out classrooms will be out trying to prevent accidents on the alternative Picton-Christchurch highway via Murchison and the Lewis Pass.
Since the earthquake and to the end of March, 38 trucks have crashed on the route, with 10 rollovers and five crashes causing serious injuries and-or deaths.
The New Zealand Transport Agency and the North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR) alliance is behind the launch of the Safety MAN road safety truck.
It features audio-visual and hands-on resources for truck drivers as well as school pupils and communities affected by the upsurge in traffic on the route.
“The longer driving hours on this route cause fatigue for drivers a key factor in crashes and rollovers,” NCTIR journey manager Tresca Forrester said.
“With up to four times more traffic on these highways than pre-earthquake, many communities along the way have become concerned about sharing the road with heavy vehicles and how that affects the way they and their families live and use this route.”
The TruckR app will provide safety and journey road condition information to truck drivers, regulatory operations and two-way conversations about road and roadside improvements.
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