Heke ‘won’t give himself up’


A former partner of fugitive Rollie Heke says it is unlikely he will give himself up to police.
Heke grew up in Greymouth and still has family here. He attended Cobden and Greymouth High schools.
The woman, who is also the mother of Heke’s son, said it was just not in his nature to “give up or give in,” she told Fairfax.
“Part of me thinks this guy won’t make it easy on the cops and it might not end well.
“We are most definitely worried for him.”
The woman, who lives in Taranaki, said her son was having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of his father’s actions; which saw him open fire at a number of officers in the early hours of Sunday during a police pursuit.
The boy was avoiding watching television in case he saw reports about his dad.
She told the site that Heke, who has been evading police for several months after cutting off an electronic monitoring bracelet, had made a promise to his son that he would hand himself in if things got worse for him.
“My son does worry about his dad.”
Police continue a nationwide hunt for the 36-year-old.
Authorities are also searching for Irene Scanlon, 43, a former partner of Heke’s; who officers believe is
actively helping him to evade

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