Cleary prepares for father, son clash

Gold Coast
Wests Tigers coach Ivan Cleary has made no secret of the awkwardness he is feeling about coaching against his son Nathan in their first NRL showdown on Sunday.
Coaching against his former club for the first time is one thing, but having a son starring in that team is another entirely.
It will be their first meeting at NRL level and one that the coach admits he is not looking forward to.
“Yeah (it’s a bit odd); I’ve been thinking about it a bit the last couple of days,” Cleary said after the Tigers’ win against Gold Coast on Sunday.
“You’ve just got to enjoy it, but I’ve got to say I haven’t really been looking forward to it; it’s pretty weird on a number of fronts.”
Joking that at least he would know plenty about the opposition halfback, Cleary said the pair would not avoid each other in the lead up to the game.
However, still living under the same roof, the coach could afford to laugh about it.
“We won’t cut ties but he might be grounded this week, his bedroom’s a disgrace,” the Tigers coach said.
And in response to claims the 19-year-old would not eat any food his father cooked this week, in case it was poisoned?
“He’s going to go hungry because he doesn’t cook himself,” he said.