Rebel Wilson wins defamation case

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has won her defamation trial against Woman’s Day and Bauer Media after the jury today returned a unanimous verdict in the star’s favour.
The Pitch Perfect star, 37, appeared in court every day for the last three weeks the trial has been running, and stood for six days in the witness box giving evidence of how eight magazine articles ruined her life and career.
The articles, published in 2015 by Bauer-owned magazine the Woman’s Day painted Wilson as a serial liar who used those lies including allegedly lying about her age, name and upbringing to make it in Hollywood.
According to the Herald Sun, Dr Matthew Collins, QC, closed the case saying there was not a single piece of evidence that Wilson had ever lied.
“Why was Bauer Media, with all of its worldwide resources, unable to identify a single person anywhere in the world to whom the supposed lie had been said a friend, a former friend, a colleague, an agent, a producer, a publicist, a member of the public, anyone?” he said.
“This proceeding has been reported in the press every day over the past three weeks. Why hasn’t someone come out of the woodwork to corroborate this allegation that Rebel Wilson is a liar?
“The reason why they came up with nothing, of course, is obvious. Rebel Wilson has not lied.”
Dr Collins said Wilson took legal action to “stand up to a bully”.
“She doesn’t say that these articles are the worst thing that has ever happened in her life and that you should all feel sorry for her. She says that she is not a serial liar, as alleged by this defendant, and she seeks your verdict to tell that to the world, to tell the world that what this defendant did to her was wrong,” he said.
“Rebel Wilson came here to stand up to a bully. Her claim is not about money, it is about restoring her reputation.” New Zealand Herald

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