Employer unaware of $200,000 theft


The employer of a woman who stole more than $200,000 lived on the bare minimum
for three years completely unaware one of his most trusted staff members was stealing from him.
It would eventually be a new staff member at AP Group who became suspicious about Lois Jean Povey’s transactions that eventually lifted the lid on her sizeable, and lengthy, theft.
It was the lengthy nature of Povey’s theft that yesterday saw Judge Philip Connell jail her for two years and two months in the Hamilton District Court.
Judge Connell said although she was a first-time offender and, up until 2010 when the offending began was a decent citizen, he could not help but look at the amount stolen and over how long five years that left him with no option but to send her to prison.
The judge was also dubious about her claims that she spent all the money on her gambling addiction, and noted she had spent it on household and family expenses, including her daughter’s mechanics bill.
Povey, 58, had earlier admitted two representative charges of false accounting and theft by a person in a special relationship.
Her offending occurred over a five year period between June 10, 2010 and December 21, 2015 and involved 76 separate fraudulent transactions to a total of $203,508.
The largest transaction was for $7625.

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