’Roo attacks woman


A woman has a deep cut to the back of her head after trying to stop a kangaroo attacking a man on a Gold Coast golf course.
Paramedics were called to the Hope Island driving range about 8.10am yesterday.
Queensland Ambulance Service senior operations supervisor Bill Houghton said the woman came to the man’s rescue after the marsupial tried to attack him.
“The kangaroo retaliated and attacked the female patient,” he said.
He said the woman, in her 50s, suffered a “deep laceration” to the back of her head, minor cuts and bruises on her back and hands. She received stitches and was released from hospital later in the day. The man was not injured. Houghton said Australia had a lot of potentially dangerous animals and it was important for people to be cautious in open spaces. “Be mindful of surroundings because of snakes, kangaroos, spiders,” he said.<2009><2009>AAP

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