Stafford war memorial finished

Charley Cowie puts the finishing touches to the newly gilded Oscar Bottom War Memorial, which has been mounted on the plinth constructed and unveiled last year at the Stafford Cemetery.
The restored marble tablet was first erected at the Stafford School for Boer War victim Trooper Bottom in 1901. It now stands next to the unmarked graves of his mother, Elizabeth, and five of his siblings in the old town cemetery.
An interpretation panel on the history of Trooper Bottom and his family has also been added to the memorial project, led by Heritage Hokitika with the support of the Lions Club, RSA, Thompson Funeral Directors and Rhodes Monumental Masonry.
The former Stafford butcher was in the 4th Volunteer Contingent known as the ‘Rough Riders’ and linked to the Mounted Rifles Regiment, formed in 1864.
The former Stafford butcher was just 24 when he died at the war, three months after he was wounded at Ottoshoop in South Africa on November 10, 1900.