Group aims to spread steampunk

Steampunk lovers Craig Patterson, left, of Alexandra, and Adam, Alex, seven, Hayley and Tami Rubie, all of Omakau, spread the word about a Central Otago Steampunk group they are hoping to form. PICTURE: Otago Daily Times

An Alexandra man who wants to set up a Central Otago steampunk group says he has a simple vision for members: to have fun.
Craig Patterson has held one steampunk gathering at Clyde already and is hoping upcoming meetings and activities will result in a more formal steam-punk group being formed.
But the vision for the group was “just to have fun”, enjoying the tremendous scope the steampunk movement provided, Mr Patterson said.
For many, it was the “dressing up” aspect of steampunk that appealed; for others it was the gadgets that could be made.
“It (steampunk) can be as big or little as people want it. There’s so much scope, so you can find the bit that appeals to you.”
He said the group would have regular outings and meet other steampunk groups, as well as other “regular” groups.
Steampunk enthusiasts were “super-friendly” and there had already been much interest shown in forming a Central Otago group, Mr Patterson said.
He is planning to hold a steampunk day, comprising a lunch and a visit to Clyde “junk artist” Sean Boyd’s studio, in the next month or so, and said Alexandra Blossom Festival activities were also planned.
The fledgling steampunk group is planning to appear alongside other steampunk groups in the festival parade this year, have “teapot racing” and “tea duelling” in Pioneer Park and then a dinner at Olivers, where the Central Otago steampunk group will be based.
Otago Daily Times

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