Jaffa race re-set

Lincoln Spencer, four, of Dunedin, practises his Jaffa-releasing skills in preparation for letting 25,000 go at the Cadbury Jaff a Race this month. Th e colour of the Jaffas will remain secret until the race. PICTURE: Otago Daily Times

Lincoln Spencer, four, can barely hold a decent handful of Jaffas but this month the excited preschooler will have 25,000 to manage.
Cadbury Chocolate Carnival events manager Kylie Ruwhiu-Karawana said a sea of Jaffas would race down Baldwin Street on Saturday, August 19.
The annual Dunedin event, originally scheduled for July 21, was postponed because of heavy rain.
Lincoln won the honour of releasing the Jaffas after selling the most tickets (1100) for the race on behalf of the Dunedin Parents Centre.
The colour of the charity’s Jaffas would remain a secret until they began rolling down Baldwin Street.
His mother, Samantha Reeves, said her son displayed an unknown flair for business during his fundraising work.
“He put in a good few hours a day asking people if they would buy a Jaffa.
“Not many people could say no to a four-year-old,” she said, laughing.
His savvy fundraising skills also included a deal with his father which meant the family bought five Jaffas for every 50 he sold and video pitches to family and friends outside Dunedin, Ms Reeves said.
The family moved to Dunedin from Auckland about a year ago and while Lincoln had shown commitment to selling tickets for the race, she was not sure he knew what the race would involve. Otago Daily Times

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