‘Trashion’ event on horizon

Cromwell designer Julie Morton provides a sneak peek at the 'Silver Tink' she is making for this year's Trashion Show in Cromwell. PICTURE: Otago Daily Times

Turning trash into fashion takes imagination, but it also takes time, organisers of this year’s Trashion Show say.
Hence the early call being made for registrations of interest for the October Cromwell show, which has an “anything goes” philosophy, as long as it involves trash or recycled materials.
“In the past, designers have used shower curtains, old beer-can tops, plastic bags, a straw hat, school uniform, pipe cleaners, coffee bags, bread-bag tags and much more,” president of the Cromwell Community Arts Council, which runs the Trashion event, Heather McPherson, said.
“This year . . . We want more people to design unique garments.”
Cromwell designer Julie Morton said the show provided a creative outlet for the love of crafts she had had all her life.
An early childhood teacher by profession, she started creating “wearable art” about six years ago with an entry in the Arrowtown Autumn Festival’s wearable art event and now used all kinds of materials for her designs.
This year she is working on a “Silver Tink” entry for the Cromwell Trashion Show, made mostly out of commercial foil.
She said the ideas and materials usually came first, and then it was a matter of turning them into an actual design.
“I like the challenge of coming
up with something and then figuring out how I’ll turn it into a costume.”
There are three categories for this year’s Trashion event: “Too Good to Waste”, for businesspeople using waste products from their own business; “Anything Goes”, an open category for anyone making a garment out of trash or recycled materials; and “A Hat”, also open to all, for a hat made out of recycled material.
Otago Daily Times

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