Fatal crash truckie ‘man with broken heart’


A driver involved in a truck crash that killed three people was “a man with a broken heart” afterwards, his wife has told a coroner.
Michael Fairclough took his own life days after three people died in a fiery crash on the main street of Patea in February last year, Coroner Christopher Devonport said in a report released yesterday.
The tanker he was driving ran into the back of a car parked on the side of the road which killed the driver John James William Bayne, his sister Cherylene Bayne and Chantelle Giles.
Chantelle Giles’s husband, Raphael, who had hopped out of the car, heard a large explosion “like a bomb going off” but his back was turned, and no one saw the collision, the coroner heard.
Mr Fairclough’s widow told the inquest he was in good health prior to the crash on February 25, and after was “a man with a broken heart”.
He took his own life on February 27 or 28, and constable Les Maddaford told the coroner the cause of the crash would “remain speculative at best”. NZN

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