Test negative so far


Tests for Mycoplasma bovis on farms bordering the Van Leeuwen Dairy Group (VLDG) farms have so far been negative.
Cows on two of the group’s 16 farms in South Canterbury have tested positive for the bacterial disease. Testing continues on 16 VLDG farms. There are 62 properties boarding the VLDG farms, and all the cattle on them will be tested.
“We have confirmed results for nine of the bordering farms to date, with all being negative,” says Geoff Gwyn, the director of response for the Ministry for Primary Industries.
“This is good news, but further testing on these farms will be required before they can be declared free of the disease and we expect testing to take several months.”
The disease does not always present symptoms so two sets of samples one month apart are taken, and possibly a third sample will be taken depending on those results.

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