Mud imported on taxpayers


Rotorua Lakes Council intends spending $90,000 of government money importing mud from South Korea, and the Taxpayers’ Union says it’s “beyond imagination”.
The council says it needs five tonnes of Korean mud powder for its annual Mudtopia event and it is going to use part of a $1.5 million MBIE grant to pay for it.
“How MBIE and Rotorua Lakes Council think spending $90,000 importing mud from overseas is a good idea is beyond imagination,” Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Matthew Rhodes said.
“It’s like Dubai importing sand for a desert festival.”
Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick has defended the proposal, saying it is not council spending.
Mr Rhodes said it did not make any difference whether it’s coming from taxpayers or ratepayers.
“Either way it is still public money and the council’s attitude shows little regards for those who earned it.” — NZN

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