Pregnant woman hurt in road rage crash


A heavily pregnant woman was left bruised and shaken in Christchurch after her car was struck by a car fleeing a road rage attack, police say.
The vehicle the woman was in was struck by a black car reversing quickly through several lanes of traffic as its driver tried to flee an attacker during a road rage accident, police say.
Senior constable Mike Phillips said a man was spotted pounding on the windows and roof of the black car on Ensors Road near Ferry Road yesterday afternoon.
“The driver of the black car heavily accelerated in reverse, missing the car behind it, and driving across a lane and into the side of another car in the next lane,” he said.
“The collision caused some damage to this stationary car and bruising to the driver, a heavily pregnant woman, who had been
in her car waiting for the traffic signals to change.”
Both the driver of the car and the attacker fled after the incident, police said.
Mr Phillips said the woman was checked in a hospital and there were no serious issues.
“(She) was badly shaken up by this incident which could have had serious implications for her pregnancy,” he said.
Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident and are asking for local shops to check their cameras.
They say the driver of the black car fled south down Ensors Road while the attacker went north on to Aldwins Road in a light-coloured flat-deck truck. NZN

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