Peters could be finance minister — English

Winston Peters

Bill English does not want New Zealand First leader Winston Peters anywhere near monetary policy.
But the National Party leader has not ruled him out as the next finance minister.
The party favours Steven Joyce remaining in the position if National wins a fourth term, but that is subject to coalition negotiations, Mr English told the New Zealand Herald today.
“We certainly wouldn’t want Mr Peters near monetary policy,” he said.
Based on current polling Mr Peters is expected to be kingmaker after September 23, with his party potentially holding the balance of power to decide whether National or Labour form the government.
Mr English expects there to be some negotiation with Mr Peters.
“We have been in coalition together in 1996,” he said.
“That proved quite challenging. This is really about the voters’ judgment.”
The pair have a long history in 1992 Mr English seconded a motion to have Mr Peters expelled from the National Party caucus.
On housing, Mr English denied that it had been an area of failure for National.
“I don’t think we’ve had big failures,” he said.
“There’s always decision you can make better but the great thing about New Zealand is that one way or another from our very challenging circumstances in 2009-10 a deep recession, global financial crisis this country has pulled itself out of that and turned itself into one of the better performing developed countries.” NZN

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