Scammers target South Island


Scammers are trying to lure money out of South Islanders with advertising scams, as police notice a spike in this area of crime.
According to southern police, there has been an increase in the amount of people advertising through social media sites, like Facebook, but have no intention of supplying the goods.
The sellers use an alias, either by giving a false name or an unregistered company to advertise the goods.
But it is time to be wary if you have been asked to deposit cash or funds into an account without actually speaking or knowing the seller’s identity, police say.
Senior constable Darryn Buist, from the Otago coastal proactive safety team, says you would not leave hundreds of dollars in your letterbox for someone you have never met or seen, on a promise they may or may not return with your goods.
Expensive iPhones or vehicle parts are the most frequent goods advertised and some purchases have been worth thousands of dollars.
“We recommend buying off reputable businesses such as Trade Me as they offer a greater level of protection,” Mr Buist said. NZN

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