New leadership game-changing: Greens

James Shaw

Opposition parties have a real chance of changing the government now that Jacinda Ardern is Labour’s leader and Kelvin Davis her deputy, Green Party co-leader James Shaw says.
“There is a real fight on now and that was a game-changing move,” he told reporters yesterday.
“I think there is a real chance we are going to change the government.”
Mr Shaw said nothing had changed in the relationship between the parties and the agreement between them remained the same.
He would be talking to Ms Ardern to discuss the campaign.
Prime Minister Bill English said the leadership change would not make any difference to National’s campaign.
“We will be working very hard to win this election anyway, regardless of the change in Labour’s leadership,” he said.
“People vote on what matters to them the economy, their incomes, their jobs and their opportunities.” NZN

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