Minister draws flak over ‘heartless’ tweet


Disability Issues Minister Nicky Wagner has drawn a heated reaction after tweeting that she would “rather be out on the harbour” when she was busy with disability meetings in Auckland.
Special Educational Needs NZ responded on Facebook to the Minister’s tweet from June 14, saying it’s “thoughtless and heartless”.
“I’m quite sure people living with disabilities wish they could walk away from what they face every day, but they can’t, and it’s the minister’s job to support them.”
Broadcaster Duncan Garner also tweeted his disgust.
“You could always resign if you don’t like your job! I know a bloke who does good harbour tours to the whales and dolphins.”
Another Twitter user, Mandy Hager, suggested Ms Wagner should resign.
“Give your position to someone with integrity and compassion. Shame on you.”
The minister tweeted that the meeting went well.
“Had a fantastic day with Murray Halberg Trust, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner and the NZ Artificial Limb Service.”
Yesterday morning she tweeted: “It was a gorgeous day and we all would have rather had the meetings out on the harbour.”
Ms Wagner then apologised. “I apologise for any offence I have caused to the disability community. That was not my intention.” NZN

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