Mentally disabled man ‘chained up like dog’


Chained up and used as a punching bag, an intellectually compromised man thought he was going to die.
The 34-year old made the claim during a video interview played to a jury in the High Court at Rotorua trying Leneith Moeke, 36, and Gene Karauria, 29, on a raft of charges.
These include kidnapping, assaults with a weapon and intentionally wounding their alleged victim, described as having the mental age and capabilities of a young child.
Questioned about the role Karauria played, the 34-year-old man claimed she hit him at least six times with a tomahawk and whacked him on the arms and back with a steel whitebait pole.
“My arms went numb, everything went blurry, I couldn’t stand because
I was dizzy, she was calling me a
Another time she hit him with a pole because he mowed a crooked line in the lawn, he said.
He claimed she had stabbed him at least four times with a pocket knife calling him a “nark”.
“There was just me and her in the shed, I was chained up, couldn’t move because the chain was too short.”
He spoke of a rope being tied
around his neck before being punched, slapped and kicked because he had asked to go to the toilet and for food.
“She (Karauria) shoved dried bread in my mouth saying if I wanted to live like a dog I could eat like a dog.”
He maintained she forced him to strip, poured cold water over him, tied him up, leaving him without a
Beginning his testimony late yesterday the man told of meeting Moeke while living on the streets.
“I thought he was a good fella but I was wrong.”
He said the two worked together kiwifruit picking but his money went to Moeke who had taken his eftpos
The trial continues.

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