Living costs drive teachers out of Auckland


Two-thirds of teachers in Auckland are considering moving out of town due to the high cost of living in the city, a survey suggests.
A large number are even considering giving up their profession, according to the poll by the New Zealand Education Institute of new primary and
intermediate teachers.
Teachers with up to two years of experience were asked how the cost of housing was affecting them professionally, and more than two-thirds were thinking about or actively planning to leave the city.
Around 40% of female teachers under 30 had put off having their own children due to the high cost of living.
“NZEI members want to know if the Government has a plan for addressing the crisis, and if so, what it is,” Balmoral School principal and NZEI strategist on Auckland issues, Malcolm Milner, says.
“Teachers have been warning for years about the teacher shortage in Auckland and the impact this will have on children’s education, and it’s beyond time for action.”
It’s the government’s job to develop a plan for recruiting and retaining teachers in Auckland and other hard to staff areas, not the union’s, he said.
Auckland’s average house price was $917,000 in June, with a three-bedroom rental going for $537 a week. NZN

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