Prison for Canterbury crime spree


An obsession with bodybuilding and “heavy testosterone use” sparked a crime spree in Christchurch which has landed a man in prison for at least six and a half years.
Armed with a shotgun, Douglas Anderson Roake shot two women and robbed six businesses over five weeks in March and April, stealing $115,000.
The 23-year-old was sentenced to 13 years and eight months in prison when he appeared in the High Court at Christchurch yesterday.
Judge Jane Farish imposed a minimum non-parole period of six and a half years.
He had earlier pleaded guilty to a string of charges including armed robbery and grievous bodily harm.
The court was told Roake became obsessed with bodybuilding and needed money to compete in strongman competitions.
His crime spree started on March 10 when he robbed the Tavern Harewood armed with a pump-action shotgun. In the following weeks he robbed the Brickworks Bar and Restaurant twice, Springston Hotel, Trevinos Restaurant and the Hotel Ashburton.
Roeke’s crime spree went a step further than robbing pubs and restaurants when on April 19, he used a mallet and shotgun in a home invasion. He shot Michaela Dawson in her leg and her mother in the abdomen, as Ms Dawson’s four-month-old son slept in the bedroom.
During the attack, Ms Dawson pulled off Roake’s balaclava and recognised him.
Ms Dawson said Roake was an acquaintance of her ex-husband and she believed he was after money and her car. NZN

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