Internet Party leader based in Russia


The Internet Party has named a citizen’s journalist currently seeking asylum in Russia as its leader ahead of the general election in September.
Suzie Dawson saidthe party’s founder Kim Dotcom resigned from the executive committee in February and has not been a member of either the policy or campaign committees.
In a statement on Saturday the party said Ms Dawson was instrumental in major activism campaigns in New Zealand and the 2014 Internet Party campaign, during which she was inspired by former leader Laila Harre.
Ms Dawson currently lives in Moscow where she has applied for temporary asylum.
The story of her exile from New Zealand is told in her 2016 documentary Diary of a Person of Interest. She is also the host of a new web television series Kiwi in Moscow.
“The Internet Party has the courage to challenge the powers that be and the innovative thinking needed to update democracy in New Zealand. That is why I am proud to represent it in the 2017 general election,” she said.
The Internet Party and Mana contested the 2014 general election as a single entity and after failing to win a seat the relationship dissolved. NZN

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