Inquest into teenage girl’s death begins


The graphic details of Auckland teenager Christie Marceau’s stabbing death have been laid out at a coroner’s inquest, with a police officer saying her killer admitted lying to a court in order to get bail.
Ms Marceau, 18, was stabbed to death in 2011 at her Hillcrest home, barely a month after Akshay Anand Chand was released on bail to within a kilometre of the house, despite facing charges of kidnapping and attacking her and fears the teen expressed for her own safety.
Chand was found not guilty by reason of insanity of murdering the teen and detained as a special patient.
As a two-week coroner’s inquest into the death began at the Auckland District Court on Monday, Detective Sergeant James Watson said Chand told interviewing officers he had given the court a “real phoney apology” letter with the aim of getting bail.
Asked why he had killed Ms Marceau, Chand told officers, “I’m a callous fiend, that’s who I am”, Mr Watson said.
He described how Chand walked to the Marceau’s home on the morning of November 7, with a vegetable knife in hand, pushing past Ms Marceau’s mother when she answered the door.
After kicking Ms Marceau down a set of stairs, he chased her into the back yard, cornering her as she tried to open the gate.
Mr Watson said the teen screamed as Chand stabbed her in the face, and then repeatedly around her body – including puncturing her lung only stopping after the knife bent.
Her mother, Tracey, held Ms Marceau as she died, Det Sgt Watson told the inquest.
Ms Marceau’s parents asked to leave the court as the statement was read. They are expected to give evidence later in the hearing.
The inquest, before Coroner Katharine Greig, is expected to take two weeks.
It will be looking at the administrative processes leading to Chand’s bail, his supervision and his mental health.

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