Greens stick with new-look Labour

Winston Peters

Parties are lining up to confirm their support for the new-look Labour leadership.
The Green Party has reaffirmed support for its memorandum of understanding with Labour, while the Maori Party is also spouting a possible coalition.
Maori Party president Tuku Morgan has called on new Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and her deputy Kelvin Davis to work with his party.
“Maori people throughout the country are telling me they want our party to work with Labour if it’s in a position to form a government after September 23,” he said.
Green co-leader Metiria Turei says the relationship between the Greens and Labour is as stable with Ms Ardern as leader as it was with her predecessor Andrew Little.
“Our goal remains the same to change the government this September, and we’re looking forward to working together to achieve this,” Ms Turei said.
Ms Turei was full of praise for Mr Little, who she said had worked to bridge the gap between rich and poor.
“Andrew spent the last three years standing up for all New Zealanders, working to close the gap between rich and poor. I thank him for that,” she said.
MPs from across the House have reacted to Mr Little’s resignation.
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said politics was a tough business and those who understood that would feel sympathy for Andrew Little.
“He’s fought the good fight, but at the end of the day he was a victim of the transience of the polls.
“We can say what we like about polls, but at the moment the picture is bleak for a number of parties.
“Jacinda and Kelvin will know that they have taken on a big job, some will say an insurmountable task, but we tender our congratulations,” Mr Peters said.
Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni said: “Politics is hard. Of course Andrew’s done a great job for us and we admire the fact that he’s made this decision to step aside.”
“To resign as party leader less than two months before an election requires enormous courage. I disagree with Andrew on many things, but he has more honesty and integrity than others on the left. These qualities were on display today,” Act Party leader David Seymour said.
United Future Peter Dunne said on Twitter: “Holyoake replaced Holland and Moore replaced Palmer as PMs this close to election and both lost. No Opposition leader has taken over this close. NZN