Rubbish guide for Auckland blind


Blind and vision impaired Aucklanders are getting a detailed guide on how to use their sense of touch to sort out their household waste.
Organisers say the guide, Feeling Rubbish, is the first of its kind in New Zealand.
“As Aucklanders, we intend to make more than a blind bit of difference by dealing with our waste responsibly,” Paul Brown, from the Auckland branch of Blind Citizens NZ, said.
The guide received an Auckland Council grant and was written with the help of blind and vision impaired members from the community.
It is available in audio CD, braille, large print and electronic formats.
To help further distinguish soft plastics from composites, samples of rubbish have been made to help people identify the different types of packaging and waste by touch, and where to put them.
Cr Penny Hulse said the council was committed to supporting community groups who shared the goal of zero waste by 2040.

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