NZers prefer to engage on-line with Govt


New Zealanders would prefer to engage with government on-line or through cellphone apps, new research has shown.
A study from Unisys Corporation reveals New Zealand citizens would prefer to engage with government agencies and departments through on-line channels when completing tax returns, renewing passports and their driver’s licence, obtaining building permits or applying for social assistance.
This has rapidly evolved since the previous survey in 2016, with the majority now preferring these on-line services rather than by phone or in person.
The study also found high support for a single mobile app to access government services, and that the majority of New Zealanders assume government agencies already share data between each other.
The study, also conducted in Australia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Singapore, surveyed 1000 adults and follows the Joined Up Government Survey conducted in 2016.
The majority of New Zealanders surveyed (64%) wanted to access services on-line, up from 39% in 2016.
Of the countries surveyed, New Zealand and Singapore recorded the highest preference to use on-line services, and New Zealand recorded the third highest preference to use mobile apps.
“These findings highlight the need for government to better understand how citizens want to interact with them and to accelerate the digital transformation of government services,” Mark Forman, the global head of Unisys Public Sector, said.
“Essentially, citizens want governments to provide them with an outcome or solution in the simplest way, so a single point of contact is extremely attractive.”

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