Court saves crumbling flats


A derelict Wellington apartment building has been saved from demolition by a successful appeal to the Environment Court.
Wellington City Council last year voted to delist the Gordon Wilson Flats, completed in 1959, as a heritage building and rezone the land it was on as part of Victoria University, allowing for its demolition.
But the Environment Court has this week upheld an appeal by Architectural Centre, which argued the building was an important example of modernist architecture and had significant heritage value.
The building was a rare example of post-war, high-rise maisonettes social housing, the group said.
While its condition was “poor”, it could be saved and used again, Architectural Centre argued.
Gordon Flats was cleared out in 2012 due to its earthquake risk, and the university argued it was no longer suitable for students or academics.
The court upheld the appeal, with two out of three commissioners saying they accepted the building could not be delisted due to its heritage value. NZN

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