Day of crime leads to eight years’ jail


A single day of violence and crime while high on methamphetamine has resulted in eight years’ jail for an Auckland man.
Bronson Hewitt was sentenced in the Auckland High Court on Tuesday to eight years and six months in jail for aggravated robbery, kidnapping, male assaults female, unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, intent to rob and demanding with menace which all occurred on one day, in two separate incidents.
The 30-year-old was found guilty of the charges in a trial that concluded on March 13 this year.
On August 4, 2015, Hewitt was in a car that stopped in front of a BMW at an intersection in Glenfield.
He got out of the car he was in and got into the passenger side of the BMW.
He robbed the driver of her rings, threatened her by running a fishing knife up and down her arm while he forced her to drive to a side street, then punched her in the face before pushing her out of the car.
Later that day, he assaulted a woman at a house in Glenfield by putting her in a headlock, demanding the keys to her vehicle and threatening to break her legs.
The driver of the vehicle at the intersection later described the period after the attack as “the worst year of her life” suffering a severe loss of confidence, being afraid to leave the house and developing a skin condition she had not had since she was a child.
In Justice Muir’s report, he noted Hewitt had 68 previous convictions since 2002, including numerous dishonesty offences and some for assault.
Describing the events of August 4 as “one drug-fuelled spree”, Justice Muir said the presentation of a weapon and violent conduct, along with Hewitt’s previous offending, meant jail time was warranted “in the interests primarily of deterrence, but also public protection”. NZN

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