Ardern was teased over teeth

Jacinda Ardern

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern’s great big smile is becoming a common sight on the campaign trail and she has admitted she was teased about her teeth when she was a teenager.
She told Newshub she rates her smile as one of her more prominent physical features and it was noticed during her teenage years.
“Before I had braces I had pretty buck teeth so yeah, I got teased a bit about that,” she said.
“I got teased a bit, but never bullied.”
Ms Ardern said the teasing she endured was nothing compared with what young people today experience.
“I see bullying now that far outweighs anything I ever had,” she said.
“I was a pretty robust teenager, it was just teasing.
“You wouldn’t be able to find anybody in New Zealand who hasn’t been teased except maybe Richie McCaw.”

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