Air safety app launched


An app is being launched which may help pilots avoid errors that might lead to air disasters.
The Civil Aviation Authority’s safety promotion team has developed the app which it says targets “simple errors” that can cause air accidents; from aircraft running out of fuel, blocked fuel lines, and fuel that has become contaminated with water.
The Ardmore aviation community and members of the Auckland Aero Club at Fuel for Thought will be the first to see the new technology next Tuesday.
“The new app will help pilots better understand the fuel system of each aircraft they fly.
“If they can do that, it will reduce the chances of them having to take emergency actions,” 2015 CAA instructor of the year Carlton Campbell said.
“Fuel, and the way it’s managed, affects everyone in aviation, every day. We want those in Auckland to come away from the seminar with a renewed respect for the importance of good fuel management.”
The app is thought to be a world first. NZN

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