Mum recounts agonising call with daughter, 12


The mother of a 12-year old girl missing after the Grenfell Tower blaze has told of their last phone call before she lost all communication with her.
Adriana Urbano was returning from her job as an office cleaner late when her daughter Jessica rang her to say there was a fire in their building.
Urbano said: “Jessica had been asleep in our flat when something woke her I don’t know if it was the smoke or a fire alarm so she rang me at 1.39am as I was on my way home from work.
“She said, ‘Mum where are you? Mummy come and get me’.”
Urbano said she urged Jessica to run down the stairs of the tower block to try to find a firefighter to lead her to safety.
“I told her to get out of there as quickly as she could. I said, ‘Run as fast as you can’, but then the line cut out.”
Jessica had also managed to call her father Ramiro after fleeing from their 20th floor flat and is understood to have made it as far as two floors further down.
Urbano and her husband who was visiting a friend on the third floor at the time of the fire and was prevented by firefighters from going upstairs to reach his daughter have heard nothing since about their daughter’s whereabouts and are hoping against hope she somehow made it out alive.
“We are desperate for news but we have not heard anything,” she said. “I’ve got no idea what’s happened to her. We are so worried.” DPA

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