Man makes $1m fortune from forgotten investment


A 21-year-old has struck gold after a forgotten investment of $2100 earned him more than $1 million.
Four years ago Melbourne man Jordan Travers purchased $2000 of internet currency Ethereum.
After his purchase Travers forgot about his risky investment until the currency recently made headlines, he told the Herald Sun.
After logging on to check on his investment he discovered the 5000 Ethereum he purchased was now worth nearly $349,000.
After biding his time he watched the worth of his investment skyrocket before cashing out 75% of his Ethereum earning him a hefty $1,028,000.
Travers told the Herald Sun he was “dumbfounded”.
“I just sat there looking at the screen”.
The 21-year-old said he would use his new found fortune to travel the world and head back to university.
He would like to one day own his own business.
“With the rest I’ll be taking the Barefoot Investor approach and investing in good-quality, dividend-paying shares.” NZME

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