Hiroshima marks 72 years since A bomb

Children pray after releasing paper lanterns on the Motoyasu river facing the Atomic Bomb Dome in remembrance of atomic bomb victims on the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, western Japan. PICTURE: Reuters

Hiroshima’s appeal of “never again” on the anniversary of the world’s first atomic bomb attack has acquired renewed urgency as North Korea moves ever closer to acquiring nuclear weapons.
The city marked the 72nd anniversary of the August 6, 1945, attack that killed 140,000 people with a sombre ceremony yesterday, a minute’s silence and a call to eliminate nuclear weapons.
Mayor Kazumi Matsui said that “hell is not a thing of the past,” urging that the “absolute evil” of atomic weaponry be banished.
North Korea’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons and its recent test-firings of intercontinental ballistic missiles have brought deep unease in Hiroshima, even as many Japanese appear resigned to the growing threat. AP

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