Killing of pet dog devastating for family


An Invercargill couple are devastated, confused and in shock after finding their pet labrador dead on their lawn.
It is believed the dog was shot in their fully-fenced property.
The wife, who did not want to be named, said the 18-month-old dog, named Max, was fine when they left the house on Friday morning.
“My husband came home for lunch about one o’clock and (Max) was just his normal, happy, jumpy self.”
But when her husband returned from work about 5.30pm Max was not around. “He was calling him and so he started looking for him and found him by our front gate.”
The woman said she was out with her mother when her husband called to tell her what had happened.
“I didn’t believe him at first. (Then) I just pretty much broke down. I was really, really sad. Now I’m at the point where I’m just really, really angry.”
The distraught couple were not sure how Max died until they took its carcase to the vet for an autopsy on Saturday morning and the vet found a bullet in his chest.
They were unsure what kind of gun was used to kill Max but the vet ruled out a BB gun and told them it would have been something high-powered, the woman said.
“It had to be something like an air pistol.”
The woman said she and her husband had no idea why someone would want to kill their friendly, playful pet which had been a part of their family since it was five weeks old and loved to “give kisses”.
“We just can’t comprehend how someone could do something like that to a dog that’s sitting behind a fence not doing anything.
“He did have quite a good bark on him but all he does is just want to play. He just loves doing stuff with people. If someone came up to the fence he’d just be like, ‘Ooh yay, a pat’ because often people would walk past and pat him or something.
“We’re very lost. We don’t under-stand why someone would want to hurt him. We don’t have any issues, personal grievances, ourselves with anybody. No one complained about him.”
She said Max’s death had put the community on edge and she was now afraid to be in her own home because she was six months’ pregnant.
“Our neighbours next door told us they want to move. Our street is usually full of dogs but tonight you couldn’t hear one. Their dogs have been locked inside.”
The woman said she had reported the shooting to the police. NZME

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