Website whizz

Paroa School Year 8 pupil Kaia Beal has designed and launched the school's new website. PICTURE: Christopher Stewart

Christopher Stewart
Paroa School technology whiz Kaia Beal has earned top marks by designing and launching a new website for the school.
The website was a school captain legacy project by Kaia. It went on-line on Friday afternoon.
Kaia said he had been working on the project since March, and had devoted quite a lot of time to it, both at school and at home.
“The old website wasn’t very student friendly and so it was good to replace it, and it was good fun.
“We had a bit of trouble with the domain before we went on-line, but once that was sorted out it was all go,” he said.
Since word emerged of Kaia’s computing skills, his services have been in demand. He will soon be visiting Kumara School to teach children there how to make their own website.
Kaia has recently been working with Greymouth Rotary, and an uncle in Bluff had asked him to make a web page for his hunting and fishing lodge.
“It is pretty cool to be at school and making something for the business world,” Kaia said.
The Paroa School home page features a colourful photograph of Paroa beach, and incorporates the school emblem and school song. Students, teachers and parents can log on at any time and access a variety of links and applications. New apps were also created, such as links to a student committee site.
School staff were consulted about the design, but they said it was all down to Kaia to implement it.

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