Hackers in Hollywood


Los Angeles
Hacking group The Dark Overlord has promised more leaks are on the way saying, “Hollywood is under attack and we’re at the forefront of this most recent offensive”.
On Tuesday, eight unaired episodes of ABC’s show Funderdome were leaked
on-line and when asked by The Hollywood Reporter if there were plans for further leaks, the collective responded: “There’s always more”.
“We’re not in the business to scare anyone. We’re in the business of earning vast amounts of internet money,” they told THR.
The Dark Overlord responsible for the recent leak of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black claims to have studio movies as well as unaired series and network films.
According to THR, while the likes of Netflix and Disney have refused to pay ransom demands, others have coughed up the cash. But an FBI spokesperson told THR that “in many cases, hackers do not restore files even after the ransom is paid”.
And it is not just the studios under attack; Hemanshu Nigam, a former Federal prosecutor of on-line crime in Los Angeles, told THR hackers often put ransomware into the content to attack the fans too.
“Hackers have paired up with pirates to inject anyone searching or downloading leaked content with malware of all kinds to steal info, spy on you or destroy your computer with ransomware,” Nigam said.
The Dark Overlord however, claims it has never modified content to be malicious and always makes good on its promises once payment is received saying: “We’re a professional operation”.
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