Greymouth town square awaits completion


Chris Tobin
Two months after the $1.9 million Greymouth town square opened, it still features patches of artificial grass matting and is missing the glass canopy feature, which is still at least a month away.
Grey District Council assets and engineering manager Mel Sutherland said the steelwork had been completed for the $175,000 canopy.
“It’s just a case now of getting components to connect the glass to the steel. The glass connections are coming from outside Greymouth as part of a joint effort between Metro Glass in Christchurch and Total Glass in Greymouth,” Mr Sutherland said.
He expected the work should be completed by the end of next month, depending on the supply of the glass canopy.
Once this happened, everything required under the town square project would be completed.
Earlier this month the council agreed to close the square to through traffic. This followed 358 submissions from the public supporting the move, with only 32 against.
“With council resolving to advertise the closure of the road there will be additions from that, such as bollards or a barrier system,” Mr Sutherland said.
“We’ll have to measure what is required but it will be premature until we go through a public consultation process.”
He was uncertain whether the 6m-tall steel Christmas tree would remain in the square, although he noted it had proved “popular”.
“I think the square is really popular. I was at the Rotary Street Fare on Sunday and there was a great crowd turnout.”

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