Grey Valley results


Blackball WMC, and Stillwater potted wins in the women’s section of the Grey Valley pool competition.
Results: Ikamatua 2, Blackball WMC 7; Nelson Creek 3, Stillwater 6.
Winners of their games were Tina Nijssen and Linda Sowry.
In the men’s competition, Nelson Creek Gold and Blue, the Hilton, Stillwater and Kells all won
their matches.
Results: Blackball WMC 4, Nelson Creek Gold 5; Nelson Creek Blue 6, Brunner WMC 3; Hilton 8, Ikamatua 1; Stillwater 6, Ahaura 3; Moana 3, Kells 6.
Winners of their games. Andy Keenan, Chris Keenan (Nelson Creek Blue), Nick Secker, Kane Paton,
Phil Lemmon, Deb Bunce (Hilton), Nev Hughes, Fred Miles (Kells).

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