Claims Lucy Lawless was spied on


Greenpeace says it believes Lucy Lawless was spied on by oil companies.
It was revealed this week that the environmental lobby group claimed to have caught spies in the act, and had filed a privacy lawsuit in the Auckland High Court against Thompson and Clark Investigations which it alleged had run a long-running spying campaign for oil companies Statoil and Anadarko.
Greenpeace claimed it caught the spies in the act after being tipped off by an anonymous source.
Greenpeace New Zealand boss Russel Norman said Lucy Lawless’ high profile role in its climate campaign and information they have seen made it “highly likely” she was among those followed and watched.
The actor took part in a Greenpeace protest in the Arctic Barents Sea in July to oppose the search for new oil by Statoil which is majority-owned by the Norwegian Government.
Lawless did not know whether she had been followed home, as Greenpeace claims some of its members were, but said she could see why the team “are creeped out”.
“For crying out loud, if Statoil wants to know what I’m up to, they can follow me on Twitter or just read the Herald.”
Lawless said if she was being followed “in my private life to things like parent teacher meetings or tailing me when I’m out with friends, that would just be sordid and stalkerish”.
Lawless said she knows the Greenpeace staff.
“I won’t be put off by this and I’m sure that Greenpeace won’t either.”
The Herald e-mailed requests for comment to the companies this week. A director of Thompson and Clark said they were “bemused” by Greenpeace’s legal
New Zealand Herald

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