Goldie Hawn’s harassment story to ‘top them all’

Goldie Hawn in 1964.

New York
Goldie Hawn says her stories of sexual harassment will “top all of them”.
The 72-year-old actress has revealed she had her own “horrible” experiences of harassment when she was starting out on her career as a young dancer in New York City. “I had some horrible experiences as a young dancer in New York City. I’ll top all of them.”
The Hollywood star is thankful that she had a strong family who helped her to cope with the unwanted attention.
She explained to CNBC: “I had a very strong mom, a very strong dad and I had a lot of resilience and I really knew who I was. And you know the answer was always, ‘No, I’ll never get a job like that’. A lot of girls don’t know what to do.”
The Banger Sisters star made the confession during a discussion about the Time’s Up movement, which was sparked by the allegations made against move producer Harvey Weinstein and other big-name figures within the film industry.
Goldie said she believed a lot of the “entitlement” felt by certain men in positions of power in Hollywood is to “do with narcissism, an ability to think that they’re invincible and they pretty much can do whatever they want to do”.
Meanwhile, Goldie’s daughter Kate Hudson has previously spoken out about the importance of supporting the victims of sexual misconduct who choose to speak out.
Kate said: “I think it’s important for women to be and feel like when they come out and tell their story, that it is supported. I think that’s a responsibility to everyone, men and women. The strength and bravery it takes for women to come forward is a lot. It takes a lot.” New Zealand Herald

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